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Here is a new Urban Terror clan. So here is the website, You can apply in the section Recruit.So good visit and don't be surprise if you see some french apply :) it a french clan to :) have fun
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 kyle application

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PostSubject: kyle application   Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:50 pm

Hello my name is kyle Anderson
i am 15 years old from united kingdom and male
my nickname on urban terror is kyle
my ex clans are [Gore] [CZARMY] and =CSI'
you should accept me because im active and polite to other people and also because i have web-hosting skills such as designing editing
and video editing Very Happy
i can give to the clan great responsibility i can give the clan the truth and honor Very Happy
i have been playing urban terror for 3 years now and normally i play for 3-4 hours on urban terror
and you can contact me by msn gmail ts3 and any other you are comfortable with

I hope to be accepted among your clan -DT-


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kyle application
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